Ritz Cracker Chicken

Good morning and happy Sunday! I’m back to share an easy week night dinner that my family loves, especially my children. I feel like this is becoming a food blog. It’s not because I think I’m a great cook. It’s because when I find something that I can execute easily on a busy evening and […]

Two Recipes To Try: Buffalo Chicken Sliders and Walnut Fudge

In an effort to share easy weeknight dinners, I present to you Buffalo Chicken Sliders! This could not have been easier and was met with rave reviews from 3/4 of us. Emery proclaimed them “too spicy,” but she’s a huge wimp with spice, so take that with a grain of salt. This recipe is from […]

Enchilada Casserole

It’s officially back to school here in Greenville, SC, so I’ve got quick weeknight dinners on my mind. I made this beef enchilada casserole last week for the first time and it was well received by all members of this household. Since that rarely happens, I feel the need to share it on here when […]

Skillet Burritos

My kids love Mexican food but I don’t always think they get the healthiest options when we go to a Mexican restaurant. In an attempt to give them one of their favorites, but healthier, I made my own Mexican feast one night last week. We had about five days of rain in a row recently […]

Sheperd’s Pie/ Cottage Pie (VERY semi from scratch)

Shepherd’s Pie is the ultimate winter dinner.  Technically, I make Cottage Pie since I use beef.  Shepherd’s Pie is traditionally made with lamb, but most Americans use beef and still refer to it as “Shepherd’s Pie.”  However, if we’re going to get technical, this recipe is for Cottage Pie.  Layers of beef, veggies and mashed […]