Giveaway! The Ultimate Ski Kit

My friend, Jess, from Mom In The Mitten partnered with me to create a fabulous ski survival kit. This cute tote has everything you need: a monogrammed beanie (you choose color), hand and toe warmers, wine tumbler (no glass at the hot tub), Liquid IV (the altitude zaps you!), the best tinted sunscreen, tried and […]

Teacher Gifts: What My Kids are Gifting

Happy Monday! We are in the home stretch! Field day, Fifth Grade Day, awards day, class party, Memorial Day…safe to say Bodie isn’t learning a whole lot of new material these next two weeks. And that’s okay! He’s having fun with his friends and savoring his last few days of elementary school. Emery finished middle […]

We survived the first two days of summer

We continued to spend most evenings at the pool last week….it’s so convenient to just stick around for a few hours after swim team practice and let the kids wear themselves out.  However, now that school is officially out for summer, we’ll probably spend afternoons at the pool and I’ll get back into a cooking […]