Teacher Gifts: What My Kids are Gifting

Happy Monday! We are in the home stretch! Field day, Fifth Grade Day, awards day, class party, Memorial Day…safe to say Bodie isn’t learning a whole lot of new material these next two weeks. And that’s okay! He’s having fun with his friends and savoring his last few days of elementary school. Emery finished middle […]

Spring Break and Summer Essentials

I’m back with another shopping guide.  I love creating these!  Today’s installment is all things spring break (or summer).  Many of these items are found on Amazon, but some are from my own little shop.  The weather in Greenville today is stunning and warm…supposed to hit eighty degrees this afternoon.  To say I have spring […]

March Giveaway: Get Ready for Spring!

Start your week on the right foot with a fabulously fun giveaway!  Get ready for spring with a fully stocked SPF bag, a gorgeous oyster shell and an Amazon gift card to help fill in the gaps.  Check my Instagram (@emerybodie) for entry details.  I partnered with Mom in the Mitten for this giveaway and […]

Monogram Monday: Back to School Edition

It’s time for all things “back to school!”  Kind of.  My daughter started today and is on a normal five day per week schedule.  The students wear buffs/masks that they don while changing classes, but are allowed to remove them during class as long as social distancing is possible.  Emery was SO excited to head […]