It’s Busy Season

I’m not just referring to monogram orders, although those are keeping me plenty busy at the moment. I’m talking about life in general. Sports, school events, finals, Mother’s Day, etc. ALL THE THINGS. We are scrambling to make it to the end of the school year, but having plenty of fun along with the chaos. […]

Fall Soccer: That’s a Wrap!

Emery has played CESA Rec for the past few years with almost the same group of girls and it’s been a great experience that she will definitely continue. The girls bonded more than ever this year and it showed on and off the field. This past weekend was the Fall Festival tournament. Cesa Red came […]

Back to School

We’ve been back in school for several weeks and I am loving being back on a regular schedule again. The last few weeks of summer were a little rough; swim team and vacations were behind us and the lack of structure coupled with boredom resulted in a lot of sibling fighting. I think we all […]

Best Weekend Ever

This past weekend was one for the record books. Nothing earth shattering happened, just a lot of fun events and sports victories. We kicked things off with a backyard bonfire Friday evening. My parents were in town so they could attend Emery’s soccer game and Bodie’s football game Saturday morning. The bonfire was one of […]

Monogram Monday…and it’s a green one

Gipper got hold of Emery’s and Bodie’s travel toothbrush cases after our last trip (this is what happens when you don’t put your crap away, kids!) and when looking to replace them I knew I wanted something that isn’t plastic.  We’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes for a few months now and I was thrilled to […]