Monogram Monday (Santa’s Helper)

I never thought I’d be this busy. I know it’s a holiday rush and things will calm down in January, but I’m still in shock. And so grateful! My pace is hectic and I’m excited at the thought of a slowdown in a week or so, but I’m also so energized by the amount of […]

Monogram Monday: Stocking Edition

I can’t believe how many stockings I have personalized this season, and I still have a few to go! They’re fun to do and I love being a small part of a family’s Christmas. Most of my orders have been for dogs, which is pretty telling! I have a few cat stockings left, but the […]

Monogram Monday

Christmas orders are coming down the pipeline (yay!), but first some corporate and fall items.  These vests are from J. Crew (customer provided) and I just love how the logo for this company stitched out on them.  Base 360 is a residential builder here in Greenville.  How fun are these popsicle koozies!?!?!  I love all […]

Monogram Monday and Southern Snow

A lot has happened since I last blogged, mostly involving EmeryBodie LLC orders, snow and holiday shenanigans.  More stockings, more sherpas (these Wal Mart sherpas are the best!), more elf plates, more pencil boxes, a Yeti, duck boots and the coolest beach towels EVER.  See below for more on that.My sister and her children are […]

Lots and Lots of Christmas Work

I’m back with a tardy, picture heavy, work laden post.  This is definitely my busy season and this year is no exception.  Whew!  I’m typing this from my car while watching Emery trot around the ring on Barsook.  It’s freezing, but she’s always happy to get on a horse.  Bodie, Gipper and I are staying […]