All Star Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year! Christmas was more than a week ago and I can already tell which gifts are going to get the most use around here, besides the kids’ big gifts of electric bikes. This first item may seem a bit odd, but I’m about to order one for everyone I know with kids….The Battery […]

Jewelry Storage

Good morning and happy Friday!  I tackled a long overdue organizing chore this week and now I feel like I have my sh*t together.  Just kidding, but it did feel good to purge and sort my jewelry.  I don’t have a ton of jewelry; a few staples that I’ve had forever and still cherish to […]

Monogram Monday: To Do Lists

Happy New Year!  As is the case every January, I’m in major GSD mode at the moment.  We left for Colorado the day after Christmas and returned home late Saturday night.  Sunday was all about taking down the Christmas decor and unpacking, so I haven’t fully gotten around to the purging and organizing frenzy yet.  […]

Odds and Ends

Our bathroom renovations are nearing an end (yay!) and I have had fun doing a little shopping and monogramming (of course) for these new and improved spaces. Emery’s bathroom is still waiting on the shower door and mirror. The guest bathroom still needs art. All of these things are scheduled to be delivered or installed […]

Monogram Monday

Lots of fun to share in this week’s Monogram Monday! Christmas orders are steadily coming in and keeping me busy. I love how these gifts are all practical, yet FUN. First up, all baby girls need some monogrammed bloomers for their first Christmas, am I right? A friend requested these chargers after seeing something similar […]

Monogram Monday

I’m still getting used to this new blog format, so I apologize if things seem random or choppy. Below are some of the projects I’ve completed this week. First up, so bloomers and baby gowns. The gowns are for twin boys and are made by Magnolia baby. They are the softest baby layette pieces I’ve […]