Gift Guide: Tween/Teen Boys

I usually struggle with this gift guide each year because Bodie doesn’t ask for much. This year, however, his list is quite lengthy. If you’re shopping for teen and tween boys, I hope this is of some help. A little bit of background: Bodie is eleven, in sixth grade and loves sports. To the surprise […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This is nothing like my Christmas gift guides because we do not make a huge deal about Valentine’s Day at Chez Slagel. It’s more an excuse to get the kids a little something fun. Ben and I don’t really acknowledge it ourselves! However, I do have a few items on my wish list should he […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Teen/Tween Girls

To the surprise of no one, this gift guide is the lengthiest of the bunch. If you’ve met Emery, you know why. Girlfriend asks for EVERYTHING. This year is actually really fun because many of the items I can share with her. Moms of teen girls, I’m sure you can relate. I go to Emery […]