If I’m being totally honest, I do not enjoy icebreakers at meetings. They tend to give me anxiety, especially when the icebreaker is “two truths and a lie.” Silly, I know, but it is what it is. Between my years in Junior Leage, PTA and National Charity League, I’ve participated in more icebreakers than I […]

Back to School

We’ve been back in school for several weeks and I am loving being back on a regular schedule again. The last few weeks of summer were a little rough; swim team and vacations were behind us and the lack of structure coupled with boredom resulted in a lot of sibling fighting. I think we all […]

Such a Fun Age

Raising an almost thirteen year old girl is no easy task. Multiple times per day I am struck with worry and fear…there’s no shortage of things to be concerned about, that’s for certain! Am I raising her to be respectful? Is she a good friend? Is she where she needs to be academically? Who has […]