Monogram Monday: Baby Talk

I tend to stick with classics and basics when it comes to baby gifts:  seersucker, quilts and burp cloths.  All monogrammed, of course. Let’s start with the most needed baby item:  burp cloths.  New moms truly cannot have enough of these.  I always purchase thick, organic Gerber burp cloths because they’re safe for baby and […]

Monogram Monday…way late

I am playing catchup in a major way after being gone most of last week. More on that later! All I will say is that recovering from a trip takes as long as the trip itself. I don’t think I’m ever going to be current on laundry or EmeryBodie orders ever again! Totally worth it, […]

Monogram Monday

The first few orders of 2020 are done! Lots of baby items lately, which is always fun. Without further adieu, here we go! These gingham trimmed bibs are on their way to a set of twins. How precious! These are great baby gifts. More baby items! These are all for a sweet little girl. I’d […]

Monogram Monday

This installment of Monogram Monday is a short one–lots of behind the scenes stuff happening at EmeryBodie this week that doesn’t really warrant photographs.  First up, monogrammed cocktail napkins with a gorgeous taupe cotillion font.  I love everything about these classic beauties.  Cheers!Baby boys and baby pumpkins….what could be cuter?For a mini Clemson fanBaby girl […]

Monogram Monday

Some super fun fall orders this week!  Gimme all the Halloween and football stuff. This five gallon galvanized metal tub is being donated to a silent auction for Gilgal Inc., which is a social services organization in Atlanta.  A friend of mine is chairing the event and asked if I could contribute.  Gladly!  This tub […]

Monogram Monday Mother Lode

For the first time in ages I’ve been home alone for several days.  Hubs took the kids to visit with his family on Lake Michigan, but I chose to stay home with the pets and get.shit.done.  I’ve been super productive and my house is so serene and clean, but I am ready to have my […]