College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta

Last weekend my kids and I went to spend the night with my sister just to catch up and spend some time together before the full blown sports schedules kick in. Bodie loves the College Football Hall of Fame and we hadn’t been in several years, so that was the catalyst for the quick visit. […]

Monogram Monday: Back to School Edition

It’s time for all things “back to school!”  Kind of.  My daughter started today and is on a normal five day per week schedule.  The students wear buffs/masks that they don while changing classes, but are allowed to remove them during class as long as social distancing is possible.  Emery was SO excited to head […]

Monogram Monday (Santa’s Helper)

I never thought I’d be this busy. I know it’s a holiday rush and things will calm down in January, but I’m still in shock. And so grateful! My pace is hectic and I’m excited at the thought of a slowdown in a week or so, but I’m also so energized by the amount of […]

Monogram Monday

Here’s a roundup of my favorite projects from the past week: This emerald green stainless tumbler with a BIG leopard monogram is perfect for fall.  I was so tickled when I realized it matches my butler’s pantry perfectly.A bundle of onesies for a baby girl.  These will be on display at baby Violet’s shower.  I […]

Monogram Monday Mother Lode

For the first time in ages I’ve been home alone for several days.  Hubs took the kids to visit with his family on Lake Michigan, but I chose to stay home with the pets and get.shit.done.  I’ve been super productive and my house is so serene and clean, but I am ready to have my […]

Monogram Monday (on a Wednesday)

The long weekend has me all of schedule, so here’s your Monogram Monday two days late.  I don’t think I remembered to photograph everything I’ve done this past week, but here’s a sampling: Lilly for Pottery Barn beach towels.  I love the pom pom fringe on these beauties.Camp chair and SPF/goggle bags for swim meets.  […]