Chicken Pot Pie for a Chilly Memorial Day Weekend

Today is gorgeous, thank goodness, because the last two days have been cold, wet and gray. How unusual for Memorial Day weekend in South Carolina! Thankfully, we had some AAU tournament games to keep us busy indoors. I got the urge to cook comfort food that is normally reserved for winter, so chicken pot pie […]

Mamie Eisenhower’s Fudge

We spent Memorial Day with a group of close friends, swimming and eating and savoring our freedoms. I wanted to contribute something patriotic to the menu, so I revisited Mamie Eisenhower’s fudge recipe. I made this for Book B*tches several years ago when we read The Residence by Kate Anderson Brower (if you have not […]

Memorial Day

I come from a long line of military families and the fact that every single family member who served our country made it home alive is not lost on me.  I am eternally grateful to all those service members, and their families, who paid the ultimate price.  Some gave all.  God Bless America. I did […]