Monogram Monday…way late

I am playing catchup in a major way after being gone most of last week. More on that later! All I will say is that recovering from a trip takes as long as the trip itself. I don’t think I’m ever going to be current on laundry or EmeryBodie orders ever again! Totally worth it, […]

Monogram Monday

So.many.water bottles.  School starts tomorrow here in SC and everybody is dropping off all of their brand spankin’ new gear.  It’s all good, though!  I love adding names and decals to all of these colorful, fun water bottles.  And I like the idea that the kids are less likely to lose them forever if their […]

Monogram Monday

I’ve been a busy bee these past few days because I’m about to take the next five days off.  The kids and I, along with some other moms and friends, are embarking on a Bahamas Disney Cruise Monday morning.  What a way to end summer break, right!?!?!  So, this installment of Monogram Monday is coming […]

Friday Brain Dump

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending my first week as a forty year old watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel.  It’s always my favorite week of the year.  I usually host a viewing party, but I just couldn’t get my ducks in a row this summer and settled for putting out some of my decor and watching […]

This is 40

I woke up this morning with the most grateful, thankful, appreciative heart after spending an amazing weekend with the best group of friends one could ever hope to have, not to mention my loving parents and thoughtful husband.  Side note:  this new Lilly espresso mug (came in a set of four) really made me happy […]

Monogram Monday

I’m typing this post from beautiful Grand Cayman!  If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I’ve been with my sister on a dive trip in GC for three days.  We’re staying at the Kimpton Seafire Resort, which is amazing, but more on that in my Travel Tuesday post.  For now, I’ll leave […]