Family Photos

It’s been a few years since I’ve forced my family to endure a photo shoot. My sister is a photographer and was willing to drive from Atlanta to Greenville to make these pictures happen….IN OUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. The amount of grief from the males in my family is ridiculous. Alas, they survived and I’m pleased […]

Travel Tuesday: Atlanta

Last weekend the kids and I headed to my hometown of Atlanta to play tourists, which is something we haven’t done in ages. We stayed with my sister and had so much fun that I barely took any pictures. Here’s what I did manage to snap….first stop: Centennial Park. Back when Atlanta was preparing to […]

Notre Dame Basketball Game

My sister and I gifted Hayes and Bodie tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech basketball game for Christmas. The game was last Saturday at Georgia Tech and Notre Dame was coming in on a hot streak! Favored only by one, the game went into OT. The entire game was a nail biter! Honestly, […]

Introducing Knute

Back in May, my children and I attended the baseball game of a good friend at Corey Burns Park in Taylors, SC. We left with a Chihuahua. Emery found this little doggie roaming around within seconds of arrival at the park. He was not wearing a collar and friends of ours who had been there […]