Recipe: Stuffed Jalapeno Pepper Halves

My MIL whipped up a delicious appetizer one evening during our visit that I couldn’t wait to get home and recreate. As luck would have it, we came home to our garden positively overflowing with produce. We have tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for days! I immediately got busy making Greek salads, Caprese salads and my […]

Scenes Around Our House

If you haven’t guessed by now, my family is obsessed with our pets.  Crazy obsessed.  We love our fur babies so much and they love us right back.  Bodie and Gipper seem to have an extra special relationship, while Emery gravitates more toward our big gray cat, Hunter.  Here’s how you’ll find them after school […]


We’ve had quite a few extra fun activities the past week.  October is such a gorgeous month!  I love the warm days and cool nights.  Perfect for glamping at the driving range, which is just what Bodie and Ben did last Saturday….along with a few dozen of their closest friends.  The very next day was […]

Back to School!

We’ve been back in school for a few days now and I’m loving the routine.  Our schedules are a bit more chaotic this year since Emery is in a new school, which means two morning drop offs and an afternoon mad dash to pick Emery up before Bodie’s bus delivers him to our driveway, but […]

Short and Sweet

I am heading somewhere fabulous tomorrow morning with several of my best girls!  Any guesses as to where we’re going based on my packing?  I’ll fill you in next Tuesday during a Travel Tuesday recap.Swim team practice commenced this week.  The water is chilly, but the kids don’t seem to mind too much.  I love […]