Introducing Knute

Back in May, my children and I attended the baseball game of a good friend at Corey Burns Park in Taylors, SC. We left with a Chihuahua. Emery found this little doggie roaming around within seconds of arrival at the park. He was not wearing a collar and friends of ours who had been there […]

Spring Refresh and Gipper’s Birthday

Today feels like a Friday and I’m okay with that!  Emery doesn’t have school tomorrow, so I’ll only have to deal with one morning routine instead of two.  So much easier when it’s just one mask, Chromebook, lunch, snack and water bottle to pack.  My fur child celebrated his fifth birthday Tuesday.  I can’t believe […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is definitely a kid holiday more than a romantic holiday for hubs and me, although I did get the hubs a little something. This is what Emery and Bodie were greeted with when they came downstairs this morning….lots of Vineyard Vines tees and a new camera strap for Emery. Ben’s gift is this little […]

Guest Room Fluff

I scheduled a long overdue girls trip this week, and my in-laws were kind enough to fly down and help watch the kiddos. Even though they only used one guest room, I went ahead and fluffed both rooms a bit because it makes me so happy to see these rooms, which seldom get used, in […]


It’s freezing in South Carolina! Like, bitter cold. I’m not happy about it and neither is Gipper. Bless his heart. Since I’m not at all motivated to leave my warm house, I’ve been getting a few things done that tend to get neglected. Exhibit A: I polished my silver pieces that are on display every […]

Monogram Monday

I am so thankful to not be experiencing my usual January slump. Although I’m not nearly as crazy as I was during the Christmas season, I’m consistently getting orders and I’m enjoying the slower pace while still being productive. This shirt and bib was for a little man’s first birthday party. Almost every Clemson grad […]