Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fam

I know Christmas seems like yesterday, but Valentine’s Day is only a month away. How can that be!?! We do not make a big deal about Valentine’s, but it’s fun for cupid to pay a little visit with goodies for the family. And I won’t be unhappy if cupid brings me a few things (hint, […]

Gift Guide: Gifts for Book Lovers

As they say, “write what you know.” I decided to try something new this year and create a gift guide all about reading. To the surprise of no one, I loved creating this gift guide more than any others. Of course I’ve got a variety books for the ladies, but I also worked hard to […]

Gift Guide: Teen/Tween Girls

Happy Halloween! Nothing says “Halloween” quite like a holiday gift guide, right? Emery expressed interest in two styles of Uggs for Christmas. Notice a theme with the lists this year? Lots of Uggs. First, the good news: the Ugg mini platform booties are available. Not only do most department stores have a decent selection, they’re […]

Gift Guide: Ladies Edition

Happy Thursday! This is my FAVORITE gift guide because it’s all about things that spark joy for me, regardless of how unlikely these are to end up under my tree Christmas morning. I’ll start with the most ridiculous item on my wish list: a La Cornue range. Not only is this pricey, this gift would […]

Gift Guide: Tween/Teen Boys

I usually struggle with this gift guide each year because Bodie doesn’t ask for much. This year, however, his list is quite lengthy. If you’re shopping for teen and tween boys, I hope this is of some help. A little bit of background: Bodie is eleven, in sixth grade and loves sports. To the surprise […]

Galentine’s Favorite Things

Last weekend some dear friends hosted a Galentine’s Favorite Things party. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks while participating in a white elephant type exchange ($50 price limit). Everyone brought their A game, that’s for sure! I left the party wanting to buy […]