Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Fam

I know Christmas seems like yesterday, but Valentine’s Day is only a month away. How can that be!?! We do not make a big deal about Valentine’s, but it’s fun for cupid to pay a little visit with goodies for the family. And I won’t be unhappy if cupid brings me a few things (hint, […]

Galentine’s Favorite Things

Last weekend some dear friends hosted a Galentine’s Favorite Things party. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed delicious snacks and drinks while participating in a white elephant type exchange ($50 price limit). Everyone brought their A game, that’s for sure! I left the party wanting to buy […]


We know who is going to the Super Bowl (besides Eminem, Dre and Snoop!), so now is the time to start thinking of your game day strategy. We will watch with a few close friends at our house and celebrate Bodie’s birthday a few days early at the same time. Both of the games yesterday […]

Valentine’s Recap: Flowers and Birthdays

Hubs was on a ski trip last week, but I still managed to have an excellent Valentine’s Day and actually celebrated for several days.  First up on my list of V-Day activities was Sips and Stems at the country club.  Sips and Stems is a flower arranging workshop with wine.  It’s pretty fun, I have […]