Book Review: Atomic Habits and Matthew Perry’s Memoir

Happy Thursday! I’m coming at you today with two book reviews for the price of one. Both of these books received lots of buzz the past year and I am glad I checked both of them off my “to be read” list. They are very different, but I got a lot out of each. Also? […]

You May Have Guessed….

Permanent, welded jewelry is coming to Emery Bodie! Sometimes called infinity jewelry, welded jewelry is made with delicate chain and welded together without a clasp. It’s the ultimate friendship bracelet, if you will. I’ve been noticing this trend for some time and really wanted to host a party for my girls here in Greenville, but […]

Holiday Wish Lists: Kid Edition

You read that correctly: my preliminary holiday gift guide is happening now. I’m not naive enough to believe this is the final draft. But, with shipping times expected to be lengthy and inventory limited, I’ve made my lists and started shopping. For reference, daughter, Emery, is twelve and son, Bodie, is nine. A fellow monogram […]

“Friends:” The One in Atlanta

My sister and I are HUGE fans of “Friends.” My children also love the show. Emery’s favorite character is Phoebe while Bodie is partial to Joey. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Chandler as my favorite. But really I can make an argument for any of the six. We have watched the […]