It’s Busy Season

I’m not just referring to monogram orders, although those are keeping me plenty busy at the moment. I’m talking about life in general. Sports, school events, finals, Mother’s Day, etc. ALL THE THINGS. We are scrambling to make it to the end of the school year, but having plenty of fun along with the chaos. […]

Gift Guide: Tween/Teen Boys

I usually struggle with this gift guide each year because Bodie doesn’t ask for much. This year, however, his list is quite lengthy. If you’re shopping for teen and tween boys, I hope this is of some help. A little bit of background: Bodie is eleven, in sixth grade and loves sports. To the surprise […]

Easy Fruit Salad

We had lots of fun get togethers Labor Day weekend and I made this super easy fruit salad twice. It’s ridiculously easy. I saw this recipe on Hello Happiness’s blog a while back and bookmarked it for the next time I needed to feed a crowd. Linked here: Perfect Fruit Salad All you need […]

Teen/Tween Boy Gift Guide

This guide is a lot shorter than my girl version. Emery’s list gets longer everyday, whereas Bodie tends to pick just a few things. He knows what he likes. For the little gents, I’m breaking items into three categories: tech, sports and fashion. Tech I’ll start with Tech. Other than his Ipad and television, Bodie […]


We know who is going to the Super Bowl (besides Eminem, Dre and Snoop!), so now is the time to start thinking of your game day strategy. We will watch with a few close friends at our house and celebrate Bodie’s birthday a few days early at the same time. Both of the games yesterday […]

Best Weekend Ever

This past weekend was one for the record books. Nothing earth shattering happened, just a lot of fun events and sports victories. We kicked things off with a backyard bonfire Friday evening. My parents were in town so they could attend Emery’s soccer game and Bodie’s football game Saturday morning. The bonfire was one of […]