Ritz Cracker Chicken

Good morning and happy Sunday! I’m back to share an easy week night dinner that my family loves, especially my children. I feel like this is becoming a food blog. It’s not because I think I’m a great cook. It’s because when I find something that I can execute easily on a busy evening and […]

Sheet Pan BBQ Chicken and Broccoli

After eating out every meal during our Disneyland trip I was craving something lean and green upon our return. As luck would have it, Family Savvy posted this sheet pan chicken dinner that I knew my family would love. I did sub the pre-steamed small potatoes for baked potatoes because we are huge baked spud […]

Chicken Pot Pie for a Chilly Memorial Day Weekend

Today is gorgeous, thank goodness, because the last two days have been cold, wet and gray. How unusual for Memorial Day weekend in South Carolina! Thankfully, we had some AAU tournament games to keep us busy indoors. I got the urge to cook comfort food that is normally reserved for winter, so chicken pot pie […]

Our Version of Swedish Spaghetti

Bodie’s school is creating their first ever international cookbook and the students’ families are responsible for submitting their family recipes to add to the book. I immediately knew I wanted to share my mother-in-law’s recipe for Swedish spaghetti. I learned that this is actually my MIL’s mother’s recipe and has likely been in the family […]

Not Your Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner

Or is it? I recently read that many families opt for Italian or Mexican feasts for Christmas Eve dinner. We are definitely one of those families. Years ago….before marriage and moving to South Carolina, my aunt and uncle started serving a variety of soups for Christmas Eve dinner. Growing up, we always celebrated at their […]

Winner Winner, Chicken (Enchilada) Dinner

My friend, Casey, made these sour cream chicken enchiladas several weeks ago and Bodie happened to be at her house for dinner that particular evening.  He raved about them so much that I asked for the recipe.  Good news:  the enchiladas were a hit at my house as well!  Casey found the recipe on Pinterest.  […]