Travel Tuesday: Steamboat Springs, CO

I’m back with another Travel Tuesday. It’s been a busy month for travel! Our spring break destination should come as no surprise. We love Steamboat and visit at least once per year, usually more. This visit was particularly fun because so many of our Greenville friends also made the trek to The Boat. Everywhere we […]

Travel Tuesday: Steamboat

Husband had the bright idea to begin our annual ski trip to Steamboat Springs, CO, on Christmas Day, which resulted in a 4:00 AM wake up call. Thankfully, Santa was punctual in delivering gifts to our house. Our 6:30 AM flight didn’t give us a lot of time to open gifts, but we got it […]

Travel Tuesday: Steamboat with Adults Only

Happy Travel Tuesday!  This post isn’t anything ground breaking seeing as how we take a family trip to Steamboat every year, but our recent visit was different in that we made it an adults only trip.  Ben and I managed to coordinate our schedules with several good friends who no longer live in Greenville and […]

Travel Tuesday: Steamboat Springs, CO

Hello!  We are back from our annual trip to Steamboat with hubby’s family a few days later than planned (more on that in a minute) and I am scrambling to get Christmas down, unpack and organize my life.  The trip was incredible, per usual, as Steamboat is an amazing place to ski as a family. […]