All Star Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year! Christmas was more than a week ago and I can already tell which gifts are going to get the most use around here, besides the kids’ big gifts of electric bikes. This first item may seem a bit odd, but I’m about to order one for everyone I know with kids….The Battery […]

Holiday Wish Lists: Kid Edition

You read that correctly: my preliminary holiday gift guide is happening now. I’m not naive enough to believe this is the final draft. But, with shipping times expected to be lengthy and inventory limited, I’ve made my lists and started shopping. For reference, daughter, Emery, is twelve and son, Bodie, is nine. A fellow monogram […]

Spring Break and Summer Essentials

I’m back with another shopping guide.  I love creating these!  Today’s installment is all things spring break (or summer).  Many of these items are found on Amazon, but some are from my own little shop.  The weather in Greenville today is stunning and warm…supposed to hit eighty degrees this afternoon.  To say I have spring […]