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If I Registered for my Wedding in 2024 (Part 1)

Seventeen years after I registered for my wedding, I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a kitchen run smoothly, hosting parties and planning big ...
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Oura Ring

My sister received an Oura ring for Christmas to replace her Apple watch. She says there’s no going back to a smart watch. She loves her Oura ring. So much ...
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Book Review: Smile and Look Pretty

One dreary day in January I popped into Barnes & Noble to explore titles by Amanda Pellegrino as she was getting some buzz on Instagram from a book account I ...
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Service Project Idea: Blessing Bags

Several of my best girlfriends and I brainstormed a few weeks ago to come up with a way for our children to give back. We landed on the idea of ...
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Girls Getaway to Kiawah

Last weekend I snuck away to Kiawah Island for a little R & R with my college roommates. Sadly, one of our squad members wasn’t able to join us due ...
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Little Things that Bring Joy

Since November 2022 I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal. It’s nothing extravagant. Every evening I jot down three things that made me happy that day. I’ve learned that no event ...
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